6S LiPo Battery Value and Capacity Comparison

Flight time depends mainly on the drone weight. In order to get flight times above 1 hour on a single charge (as shown here), the weight has to be minimized. Typically the most dominant weight hereby is the battery. To identify the best battery I created a 6S LiPo Battery Value and Capacity Comparison.

While there are several arguments speaking for 6S, for me the primary point is added agility to the PhoDrone build. This fixed the issue of sporadically maxing out motors.

Even though the 12000mAh battery shows the best value and density, its 266Wh are too high for taking it on an airplane as carry-on (FAA limit is 100Wh / battery, with airline approval two batteries up to 160Wh). Due to this reason the 6600mAh (147Wh) has been selected. According to the Frontier airline hotline there is no upfront approval required.

  • Value is calculated by Capacity / Price)
  • Density is calculated by Capacity / Weight

The diagram above is sorted left to right by Ranking = Cap /Weight * Cap /Price

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