Drag Knife / Vinyl Cutter


Drag Knife / Vinyl Cutter Machined from 10mm HDPE

The Drag Knife can be used to cut almost anything you would cut with a utility knife, but with the speed and precision of a CNC router. The Drag Knife fits onto your CNC router, making it a universal fit for almost any CNC router available.

Drag Knifes are really handy for cutting soft materials like vinyl, cardboard, mat board, foam, wood veneer, leather, and many others. With flat sheets, you might use one to create some custom packaging for some product, for example, or at least to prototype the packaging.

Cost of build approx. 20 EUR

Bill of Material

1Drag knifeAmazon
1Transfer Film Plotter for VinylAmazon
1Plotter Film Vinyl FilmAmazon
1Cutting MatAmazon
1Compression springsAmazon

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