Undestroyable Drone Case

Carrying or even checking drones on an airplane exposes the fragile mechanics to all sorts of opportunities to break. If the frame has been designed in a CAD program such as Fusion 360, it is very easy to create a undestroyable drone case tough.

Just project the outline and connect the corner points with a spline.

Then extrude the outlines of components such as the FPV camera, the gimbal rails etc at the right height.

The waterproof case has the right size to be taken on a plane as carry-on and allows to create additional layers to fit all required equipment. Please find the PDF version here: Quadcopter Case Foam.

Two Acoustic Panels, cut to length perfectly fit the top rugged drone case to protect the props.

Even though there are specific foam cutter available,  Kaizen Foam can be perfectly cut with a 1/4″ flat end mill on the Shapeoko or other routers at 1524 mm/min.

Watch out for:

  • Adaptive clearing of large pockets needs quite some babysitting though as the foam tends to wrap around the end mill.
  • Kaizen foam layers are around 5mm high. Try to avoid pockets to heights which would result in too little material left till the next layer
  • Align pockets with the height of the Kaizen foam (recommended 30mm)

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