Raspberry Pi 3B+ Enclosure 3D Model


Cloud Server

The above setup is used for a Nextcloud setup. A Nextcloud is a self-hosted productivity platform and allows you to host your cloud data such as pictures of your phone yourself.

It is a full replacement for DropBox and Google Drive for me, with the benefit of protecting my privacy. Additional features enable video chat and many other fun things.

They installation script can be found on github.

Backup Server

The above setup is used for a backup server which regularly backs up all Raspberry Pis in a rolling backup on a daily and monthly basis. The installation script can be found on github.

I have several PIs installed in my home. One of them acts for example as Nextcloud server and resides in a DMZ.

In such a setups you don’t want servers to actively push into your private network for security reasons.

So you have another server/PI residing in the private zone pulling the data such as pictures and logs in.

The backup PI uses CRON jobs and scripts to do a backup every day and month. It hereby keeps specific data for 12 month in a rolling backup.

Bill of Material

1 1TB HDDAmazon
1 Hard Drive AdapterAmazon
1 Raspberry Pi 3Amazon
1 Memory CardAmazon
1 Power supplyAmazon
1 Y-Cable ExtensionAmazon
1 #4×1/2 Pin Head Phillips Zinc ScrewsHomeDepot
1 #4×3/8 Pin Head Phillips Zinc ScrewsHomeDepot

Not used by me but recommended in setups with a fan: Nocturna Fan or WINSINN  Fan.

If you don’t need a hard drive, you might find this case attractive as it includes a fan already.

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  1. Hello! I think I have been on your site a month ago. After checking through some of the post I realized that you added quite a lot of interesting new stuff.

    Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I came back. I’ll be book-marking and checking back more often!

    I’m so excited about the Nextcloud setup that I’ll start printing now 🙂

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